The Second Holocaust Cometh

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But of course the "civilized" nations of the world will not allow this, right?

Pertinent Imagery

The Second Holocaust cometh.

1. Pelosi in Syria.
2. A rabbi from Israel checks the land at what Jewish leaders say is a mass grave of Jews slaughtered in Ukraine during World War II, in the village of Gvozdavka-1, Ukraine, Monday, June 11, 2007. Top Jewish experts from Israel and US arrived Monday to the site to consider procedure of rebury and identification of the Holocaust victims. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Moral Equivalence, Redux

A newly elected Jew-hater claims all the rights and privileges of whites accused of "white privilege."

Rep. Omar has found at least one friend.

Gadhafi Shows His True Colors by Bernard-Henri Levy

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009, 7:13 P.M. ET

Gadhafi Shows His True Colors
Libya's dictator has contempt for democracy. Surprise, surprise.


On Thursday, Aug. 20, Abel Basset Ali Megrahi, the mastermind of the Lockerbie bombing, returned to a hero's welcome in Tripoli. It was an astonishing event.

The official line from Scotland is that Megrahi has terminal prostate cancer and thus was being released on "compassionate grounds." In theory, I support the humane principle of allowing people to die in their home countries. But the reality seems to be that Megrahi's release was, as Moammar Gadhafi's son proclaimed in the Scottish daily The Herald, negotiated in exchange for oil and gas exploration contracts for British companies.

The former spy—who is responsible for the deaths of 259 passengers on the Pan Am flight, as well as 11 villagers who were crushed by the wreckage—was repatriated in one of Gadhafi's private jets.

As if that weren't enough, Gadhafi arranged for a large audience to greet him on the tarmac. The crowd was delirious, singing patriotic songs. And this was in a country where outbursts of jubilation are rarely spontaneous.

Obama's Intelligence Choice By Gabriel Schoenfeld

Obama's Intelligence Choice
The president picks a China apologist and Israel basher to write his intelligence summaries.


During the presidential campaign, a constant refrain of Barack Obama and other Democratic candidates was that the Bush administration had severely politicized intelligence, resulting in such disasters as the war in Iraq.

The irony of course is that, if anything, President Bush badly failed at depoliticizing a CIA that was often hostile to his agenda. Witness the repeated leaks of classified information that undercut his policies. It now appears Mr. Obama has appointed a highly controversial figure to head the National Intelligence Council, which is responsible for producing National Intelligence Estimates. The news Web site yesterday reported that it could confirm rumors that a former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Charles "Chas" Freeman Jr., has been appointed chairman. (My calls to the White House and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence produced neither confirmation nor denial.)

Obama Naïveté at the U.N. By Anne Bayefsky

Obama Naïveté at the U.N.
By Anne Bayefsky

In a major foreign-policy decision taken over the weekend, President Obama has decided to legitimize the United Nations’s “anti-racism” forum known as Durban II. State Department officials announced in a press release buried on Saturday, that starting today the United States will attend for the first time the preparatory meetings of this controversial U.N. conference. The “Durban Review Conference,” scheduled for April in Geneva, is the progenitor of the anti-semitic hatefest that took place in South Africa in early September 2001.

The searing images of the demonization of America and Jews on the U.N.’s global stage, and the terrorism in New York 72 hours later, should have made joining this revived forum for U.N.-driven hate inconceivable. But President Obama seems intent on learning the lessons of history — and the relationship between hatemongering and violence — the hard way.

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