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My take on Schiavo

Earlier today I made a post to a email list I frequent. It is in the list's archive here:

The little note to the New York Post editors sums up my thinking, and perhaps more importantly, my feelings, about the matter. You'll see in the archive of the subsequent thread that I am quickly accused of countenancing attempted murder, and doing so "comfortably." I anticipated this level of retort. It saddens me greatly.

Psychopathia Cyberneticus

I need to create some new entries in my list of categories. How about "Almost completely unravelled!"?

The Townes article....

Ok, ok. I'm going to try to be a gentleman about this. I posted the Townes article because he has been in the news this week what with his winning that prize and all. And, I know the subject matter, science and/or/versus religion, is one the greater extended SHCS family mulls on a regular basis.

Mull \Mull\, v. i.
To work (over) mentally; to cogitate; to ruminate; -- usually
with over; as, to mull over a thought or a problem.

However, "just for the record" (and there's a sneaky weasel expression if there ever was one), may I say that I think the guy's a lightweight, that he dumbs down science, his chosen field of professional endeavour, even more than religion, where at least he can point to his amateur status as an excuse. That dumbing down is the price of forcing the two to be "friends,"


It's been called to our attention that an error was made publishing the photo of our new Special Correspondent for environmental and spiritual issues, Gnumby. We deeply regret this mistake!

Here is the correct photo:

Hopefully we can all pull together to put this bit of unpleasantness behind us!!!

A welcome, and a fuckwit.

First the fuckwit:

A most excellent bit of googlejuice.

And, welcome Gnumby, our latest special correspondent here on SHCS. G. was good enough to send along a photo of himself:

Intro remarks

See? I knew there'd be a "bloggish mode" in Drupal!

Let's see what it looks like. Don't try this at home kids?

Void where prohibited.

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